[Drupal] Create an event subscriber


I will be creating a dedicated module using Drupal Console for this event subscriber. But feel free to use your own if you already have one! (don’t forget to backup)

  1. Access the drupal root folder in command line.
  2. Generate a new module:
  3. Generate the event subscriber. We will subscribe to the kernel.request event:
  4. Current state:
  5. Install the module using either drupal module:install or drush pm-enable:
  6. Now, refresh your web page and on each request received server side, a message will tell you the event occurred!

Additional Information

  • Instructions made on Drupal 8.2.x.
  • Using Drupal Console, you can easily inject services such as the current_user one by answering yes when it asks if you want to load services from the container. Please check this article about service dependency injection: [Drupal] Service dependency injection in a service type class.
  • After editing your files, remember to run a cache rebuild either with drupal cache:rebuild or drush cache-rebuild.
  • Events documentation entry point: Events on Drupal 8. You will find a few core events here.
  • The callback function’s name can be changed to whatever you want.

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