Jul 222018


  • We want to add on a node page layout a block which uses a field from the currently rendered content (node).
  • We want this block to be translated the same as the currently rendered entity.
  • As a anonymous user, we want it to respect the published settings of the currently rendered entity.
  • As an admin, we want to be able to see this block if the content is unpublished.
  • We want to support cases when a content is not translated. The default Drupal behaviour is to use the default translation.



Configuration screenshot.

  • Do not use Published (= Yes) setting.

    Views will remove itself results on which you don’t have permission. Also, as an admin, you will still be able to see the block if the content is unpublished.

  • Set Default translation (= True).

    Views will retrieve the default translation, which is the default result when you attempt to go on a node page which has no translation.

  • Set Rendering Language to Interface text language selected for page.

    Views will attempt to translate the content. If no content translation is found, default translation will be used.

  • Contextual filter set to Content: ID with Content ID from URL as default value.
  • Hide block if the view output is empty.

    No need to keep this block if there is no output (or keep it if you need it anyway).

Additional information

  • Tested on Drupal 8.5.5 on simplytest.me.