[Drupal] Change CKEditor behaviour for line breaks (br or p)

Here is a little code snippet to be added in a .module file.

Additional Information Instructions made on Drupal 8.5.x. Will break text align buttons in the CKEditor toolbar: Issue on Drupal.org The default behaviour of CKEditor is the following: Enter: inserts a paragraph directly in the WYSIWYG, Shift + Enter: inserts a line […]

[Drupal] Make the Search API Page search block appear in Bootstrap markup

When using Search API Page, I needed to theme the search form in the bootstrap structure. The cleanest answer I have found is to add some variables to trigger the bootstrap overrides on the search form.

Additional Information Instructions made on Drupal 8.3.x (probably, haha).

[Drupal] Use admin_block and admin_block_content templates

This article is about the default admin_page, admin_block and admin_block_content templates which serves as the base of the content display on some system configuration pages such as the one on this image: The code

Explanation If you use admin_page, you will be able to define the column in which the blocks dwell: left or […]

[Drupal] Base hook schema example to put in .install

Introduction Delighted hook_schema is one of those methods where you are happy to have a usable documentation on the api website. It is pretty much self-explanatory and you don’t have to look for hours on third parties websites to get some usable information. 🙂 hook_schema on api.drupal.org and don’t forget to select your Drupal version! […]

[Drupal] Table render array example structure

Result The code

Additional Information Tested to work on Drupal 8.2.x. For some reason, no_striping doesn’t work as expected in 8.2.x (it is ignored). The script which handles the render array conversion to twig ready variables is located here: core\includes\theme.inc. The twig template which renders the table on the default theme is here: core\themes\classy\templates\dataset\table.html.twig.