[Drupal] Service dependency injection in a service type class

The code

Additional Information Declare the services your class will use in the .services.yml file of your module. Unlike plugin type class service dependency injection, there is no create method to define the needed services. The __construct signature needs to respect the declared arguments from the .services.yml file. Originally made and tested on […]

[Drupal] Service dependency injection in a plugin type class

The code

Additional Information Unlike service type class service dependency injection, there may be no need to implement an interface to be able to load the needed services, such as extending from ControllerBase. So if you are extending from a class which already has the dependency injection implementation, you can just override the create […]

Mini point sur ma carrière

J’ai quitté volontiers l’industrie du jeu vidéo, ayant perdu toute motivation d’y travailler. L’entreprise dans laquelle j’avais passé plus de quatre ans à essayer de produire des jeux et des applications est sur le point de fermer définitivement. Un chapitre de ma vie est en train de se clore, j’imagine. Avais-je dit que j’étais rentré […]

Unity3D.tips[2]: Intersection point between two lines in 2D

The code

The maths behind To get the point where two lines intersect, we will do some maths. To the mathematicians who will come across this post, I’m truly sorry for the heart attacks or strokes you may experience by reading this post. Ok, let’s take a look on the figure: First, sorry, I […]

Unity3D.tips[1]: Strategies to prevent the collision when a ball rolls from a planar surface to another

Method 1: mega box collider Use a single BoxCollider for all your planes. For example, if you have multiple aligned planes, remove their Collider component (Box, Mesh, whichever they have) and on only one of the planes, add a BoxCollider and adjust its center and size values in the component’s inspector to encapsulate all the […]

[Windows-10] Why some photos are not appearing in the Photos live tile

Partie française plus bas Symptoms If you are using Windows 10, you may want to pin the Photos live tile to the Start Menu. But some of the images from your pictures folders are not showing in the live tile, or even worse, no picture is displayed on the live tile. You have tried (or […]

[Debian] Japanese IME in GNOME 3 desktop

Surprised The japanese IME on Debian, when installed properly, works pretty much similarly to the Windows 7 one… I was quite surprised by the quality of this software piece. Step by step Install those packages from official repositories: ibus and ibus-mozc (along with their dependencies, of course). Launch the Region & Language settings app. In […]