[Debian] Japanese IME in GNOME 3 desktop

Surprised The japanese IME on Debian, when installed properly, works pretty much similarly to the Windows 7 one… I was quite surprised by the quality of this software piece. Step by step Install those packages from official repositories: ibus and ibus-mozc (along with their dependencies, of course). Launch the Region & Language settings app. In […]

[Debian] Create a QRCode for a vCard file

Didactic I am writing a little tutorial here for creating a QRCode for a vCard file. As I don’t use it that much, it feels like I need a memo for it. Preparation We will use a vCard file named test.vcf which contains the following:

Result file Generating the image Prerequisites qrencode package with […]

[Debian] Generate TeX formulas as SVG or PNG images Wikipédia-like

Preparation We will use this file named texfile.tex as the .tex to convert:

Result file Generating PNG images Packages you need: texlive (or any other TeX program, I guess) dvipng Step by step In the Terminal, go to the directory containing the .tex file. Execute this:


Convert to PNG at 150dpi (to […]

[Debian] Fix the backlight function keys on Intel GPU laptop

*UPDATE* March 10th, 2019 I have to update my post because the previous fix does not work anymore with recent versions of debian + GNOME 3, on the same laptop as before (sandybridge core i3). Now, you have to follow this suggestion given by people all around the world: edit the /etc/default/grub file in super […]